Welcome to Urban Pie Fast Fired Pizza, your fast casual, family-friendly restaurant. We create high quality Neapolitan-inspired pizza in an on-the-go setting. “Eat in or take out, it’s all good with us.”

What is Fast Fired Pizza?

A “create-your-own” pizza on a high-temperature open-flame oven. Customers personalize their pizza pie which is ready to be consumed within three minutes.

Our pizza is baked on a 800°F rotating stone oven with quality ingredients. This ensures the pizza is cooked thoroughly and in minimal time.



The Restaurant:

  1. Walk in, grab a menu!
  2. Seat yourself and one of our staff will be with you to take your order
    • If ordering takeout, step right up to the takeout counter and place your order.
  3. Enjoy your fast fired pie!